RTI Office orders

Sr. No. Title Document
1 Office Order I-34011/1/2009-RTI dated 2 September, 2019 Detail
2 Declaration of Central Public Information Officer(CPIO) and Appellate Authorities(AA) for NSO, SCD under the Right to information Act, 2005-reg Detail
3 Office Order I-34011/1/2009-RTI dated 14.03.2019 Detail
4 No. I-34011/16/2017-NSSO(CPD) dated 31.10.2018 Detail
5 F.No. I-34011/1/2009-(RTI) Dated:11.07.2018 Detail
6 No. I-34011/11/2014-NSSO(CPD)/RTI Cell Dated:23.05.2018 Detail
7 No. I-34011/11/2014-NSSO(CPD)/RTI Cell Dated:25.09.2017 Detail
8 F.No. I-34011/1/2009-PIGR (RTI) Dated:05.09.2017 Detail
9 No. I-34011/11/2014-NSSO(CPD)/RTI Cell Dated:29.08.2017 Detail
10 F.No. I-34011/1/2009-PIGR (RTI) Dated:18.11.2016 Detail


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