Memorandum of understanding between the National Sample Survey Organisation, India and the__________________________________


The National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) in the Department of Statistics and Programme Implementation, Government of India and the ------------------------------- hereinafter called the ‘Partners", found it mutually beneficial to have a formal understanding between the two Partners in taking up collaborative research programmes based on the data sets created by NSSO over the years. -------------------------- will make use of its own research strength alongwith the data strength and experiences of NSSO to contribute to the ongoing process of policy formulation and programme implementation of India to achieve sustained economic development.

As a data collecting organisation, NSSO has collected a large amount of household data on an annual basis and thus is in a unique position to stimulate policy research. The importance of this data resource has been enhanced by recent empirical advances in economics. There are research tools presently available to undertake rigorous econometric analysis of large household level data sets so as to gain major insights on issues of policy incidence and policy impact. The acedemic staff of -----------------being capable of using such research tools, it is proposed to take up research projects in collaboration with NSSO. Both the partners have thus arrived at an understanding as indicated below:

1. The Partners.

The Partners of this Memorandum of Understanding are the National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) in the Department of Statistics and Programme Implementation, Government of India, represented by the Director-General and the Chief Executive Officer (DG & CEO) or his nominee on one side and the ------------------- represented by the ---------------------- on the other side.

 2. Research Projects

Objectives/Details of proposed research for which NSSSO data are required:






3. Details of Understanding:

The Partners, after due consideration of various aspects have arrived at the following understanding in respect of the research projects mentioned in the earlier paragraphs.

* The NSSO will provide free of cost, the unit level data sets available with NSSO in machine readable form and the relevant documentations in respect of the specified subject areas

* The NSSO will also provide necessary clarifications and technical assistance for the successful completion of the above research projects, whenever required.

* The data provided by NSSO, will be utilised only for the research projects listed in this MOU. The intention to use the data provided by NSSO for any other research project has to be notified in advance and written permission of NSSO has to be obtained.

* -------------------------- will maintain the confidentiality of the unit level data and adequate precautions would be taken for not disclosing the identity of units directly or indirectly.

* The data provided by NSSO will not be used for any commercial purpose without obtaining written permission from NSSO on suitable terms.

* The data provided by NSSO will not be passed on either wholly or partially with or without profit to any other data user or disseminator of data with or without commercial purposes.

* The research outputs along with a short summary of conclusions would be made available to NSSO in the form of hard copy or on electronic media free of cost before they are published. NSSO will have the right to reprint them in its in-house journal ‘Sarvekshana’ even if they are published elsewhere.

* All research outputs based on NSSO data sets will fully acknowledge the data source.

* The Partners will evolve a mechanism for exchange of experiences and expertise for mutual benefit of both the organisations.

* All costs involved in the completion of the research projects will be borne by ---------------------------------------------------

4. Date of Effect

This Memorandum of Understanding will come into effect on the date of signature and will remain in force until either side delivers written notification to the other of its intention to terminate the Memorandum, in which case it will terminate three months after the receipt of such a notification.



The MOU may be amended by mutual consent through an exchange of correspondences between the two Partners.


Signed, on the_____day of ___________ (English month) of ________(year) corresponding to the of -------------------(Hindi month) of ………..(Saka) in two originals each in Hindi and English languages, all text being equally authentic. In case of doubt in interpretations, the English text shall prevail.



For the National Sample Survey Organisation